Microscope w/ ErgoAdapter


 ErgoAdapter TradeMark

The ErgoAdapter is an ergonomic device that is easily inserted between the microscope binocular head and optics carrier. When work surfaces are set at elbow height to facilitate

hand operations, the ErgoAdapter allows users to set the microscope's eyepiece height to achieve a good ergonomic neutral posture. Such flexibility eliminates raised shoulders and bent necks, which cause cumulative stress.




  • Self-aligning flanges allow for easy and problem-free installation
  • Fingertip-control; a simple turn of the locking knob secures the user's desired microscope height
  • High-precision, stainless steel, linear ball bearing provides a smooth and positive height adjustment range of +3/4" to +5 inches
  • May be rotated 180º for the desired left-or right-handed operation
  • Optical and mechanical alignments are constant at any position or inclination angle
  • Years of proven, problem-free, industrial usage
  • Sturdy, compact, minimalist design
  • Designed to yield to compressed position if accidentally overloaded
  • Reduces postural fatigue and risk of cumulative stress disorders caused by cramped and inflexible microscope workstations
  • Simple to use and highly cost-effective
  • Can be combined with an Optical Wedge and the Extended Eyetube Binocular for greatly enhanced workstation flexibility
  • Maintenance-free and static-safe


  • Fits all Leica (WILD) stereo "M" models (except the M5 and M5A)
  • Compatible with Extended Eyetube Binocular and Optical Wedges
  • Precision-machined aluminum with a hard, anodized flat black finish
  • Tough, triple-layer, nylon bellows
  • Load capacity: 7 lbs.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Improvements may result in minor specification or feature changes without notice